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Default backpack? and some other minor confussion thx

hi, i play munchkin a while ago, but dont have the original one anymore.
i remember i could "put some item on my backpack" and flip the card as "inactive"
1. can i do this on super munchkin? (is nowhere mention on the rules sheet)
2. anyone can refresh me how this works? during my turn as i put down the rest of my cards?

other few questions (is being a while since i played :P)
1.. i can trade cards for 1 lvl (1000 gold) from my hand as well as from my active (table), right?
2. I can only LOOK FOR TROUBLE or LOOT THE ROOM if i didnt got a monster by knocking the door, right? no both? we got into a discussion with this on our last game..
3. if i drawn a TRAP .. i can look for trouble or loot the room after i solve the trap right?
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