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PBP Players Wanted: THE RISPIAN WEB (GURPS 4 gaming in Frank Herbert’s Duniverse)

Still Recruiting
- Bene Gesserit Adept
- Suk Physician

This campaign takes place in Frank Herbert’s galactic Imperium but in a time and place removed from the novels. The time is ten years before the events described in Dune. The place is the untamed world of Risp VII. The player characters form the newly-appointed entourage of a noble of House Drake, a Minor House owing fealty to House Olin, a bloodline nearing its end. Will young Areth Drake claim his birthright as Lord Conservator and perhaps even rise to siridar-Duke? If your team can keep him alive long enough to succeed his father, perhaps so. But on a wilderness world where the nobility can be as dangerous as the predators, it won’t be easy…

We need 5 mature and dependable players to make up the entourage: Bene Gesserit Adept, Planetologist, Spymaster, Suk Physician, and Swordmaster. Players will build 200-point characters by customizing and expanding ~150 point occupation templates I’ll provide. Characters will earn XP through play.

The ideal player wants to immerse him or herself in the rich mood and trappings of the Age of the Human. If you’re excited about the prospect of unsheathing your kindjal or envenoming your flip-dart, together we’ll create a shigawire reel fit for the Padishah Emperor’s filmbook! But remember, always, The Forms Must Be Obeyed.

We’ll use the GURPS 4e rule set, roll dice via Invisible Castle, and post twice weekly. Most weeks I can post more often, but that’s the minimum expectation. To maintain an air of mystery, we’ll communicate on two levels. We’ll use the forum thread for all IC/OOC posts that are public to the group, and Private Messages/email for confidential information. After all, the Great Schools do not share their secrets readily…

An experienced gamer, I play and sometimes GM the longstanding Team Weird Infinite Worlds campaign and GM a Banestorm fantasy campaign (both live). My sources for this campaign include The Chronicles of the Imperium and Dream of Rain RPGs and the Dune Encyclopedia. Recently I realized that it would be best run as a PBP so we can fully enjoy the nuances of character and setting.

PM with your usual availability and your first and second choices of PC: Bene Gesserit Adept, Planetologist, Spymaster, Suk Physician or Swordmaster.
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