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The roster for A Stranger land is essentially full -- however, additional characters may be considered.

I'm currently operating on sleep deprivation, so my Better Judgment may be temporarily on hold - - and so it begins...

A Stranger Land
A proposal for a PbP semi-realistic swords & sorcery GURPS4 game with an experimental twist.

Here's the thing... like any old GM, I have some game-worlds that are fairly well realized. Introducing new players to such worlds can involve a helluva lot of background information -- it's no surprise that some gaming sites include their own wikis. Well, some gamers appreciate worlds that come with built-in homework -- and some don't. So how to start a campaign without requiring players to read a couple of textbooks first?

For some time now, I've been wanting to test out a campaign launch built around the fact that not only the players, but the characters as well have no knowledge of the world around them.
So imagine a game that begins with your characters doing their thing on their native fantasy world when something preposterous hurtles them through the void to a brand new fantasy world. The creatures, the cultures, even the magicks may be wildly or subtly different. The adventure would be to come to grips with this new reality and, assuming you wish to, finding a way home again.

A couple of points to note: the target world is a part of a multiverse, but not the IW multiverse; and thanks to previously established rules of my multiverse, your characters will know at least one language of their new world.

If I get at least 3 or 4 PMs from players with a firm interest, I'll launch the OOC thread. If not, this experiment gets pushed to the back of the cupboard again :)

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