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Default Re: Centrum Light, Homeline Dark.

Originally Posted by DocRailgun View Post
Centrum is "the enemy" because that's how the setting is intended to run, but it doesn't take much thought to realize that doesn't really make a lot of sense.
Sorry, but I have to be Doylist for a moment here.

Centrum is the enemy because in GURPS Time Travel it was the Other Power (just like Timepiece/Stopwatch in the main body of the book). When the setting was updated for GURPS 4e, there was clearly some attempt to move from the Cold War mindset to something a bit more polar, but the powers are defined primarily in terms of how they interact with Homeline; there's not much about how they feel about each other.

If I were running an ongoing IW campaign, or if it had an official metaplot, I wouldn't be surprised to see a mistrustful alliance between Infinity and Centrum to do something about Reich-5 and at least establish a standoff with the Cabal.
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