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Default Memorable Quotes.

This thread is another humor thread, (2000 things, famous last words...) except different (aren't they all ;D).

What memorable quotes have you or your friends created, and what event were they tied to at that moment?

My latest adventure involved being stuck on a space craft. A frigate compairably not well suited for combat. The enemy ship was roughly the same size as ours. Except it had Particle Beams, godly anti-missile capability, and a shield that could take a nuke. My ship was of course, packed with missiles. After 2 volleys from 2 frigates, in roughly the #40's range worth of missiles, it was reported that only 5 made it through, and that the shield had barely flickered while the rest of the missiles were taken out in a quick flash of light from the particle beams.

I was on deck, commanding the frigate Lawson. The Communcations officer turns to me with a recommended course of action. I reply:

"Quick, call fleet command, we've got a GM's wet dream on our hands!"
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