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Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
So, take that literally and run with it. A successful kamikaze completes his mission, takes out the American carrier... and survives. Now he has to get home, between enemy forces and "friendly" ones that won't believe he didn't chicken out. Or, the divine agency that saved him isn't a one-time deal, but the kamikaze has Unkillable, so he flies his missions again and again (perhaps getting disenchanted with the idea of immortality at this point. No one said it wasn't painful.)
I had an idea of a character whose earliest memory was waking up in a mass grave on a battlefield, his clothing* torn, riddled with bullet holes, and stained with blood, but not a scratch on him. Never really knew what to do with it.

* Civilian clothing, not a uniform. And no identifying material on him, so he has no idea why he was in a battlefield grave.
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