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Default Noob-friendly GURPS forum?

As a general rule I only visit/post in the GURPS forum. While I'm not a GURPS "newbie", I still wonder if there is a value in splitting that forum into two parts (or some other solution) to present two options to posters:

1. Super-detailed GURPS conversations about detailed rules; and

2. More general topics that deal with advice, setting information etc.?

The basic gist is that I personally find the type of threads in the forum somewhat off-putting because they tend to fall into category #1. I don't think that I've delved as far into GURPS to be that level of "wonk" (context:

Perhaps other newcomers or non-wonks might feel the same?

As you haven't done this there are probably a myriad of reasons not to so do but, still, I thought that I would ask. Edit: Now that I'm thinking about it, I would imagine it might be hard to mod so perhaps that's why it doesn't happen.

Regardless, thanks for all that you do.

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