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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
Derek's a hardworking flight attendant (and you gave me a more interesting opening) so you won't be able to catch him for more than a coffee refill. The woman, however, clearly values her privacy. It takes the little 'accident' to get her attention.

"Thank you sir," she says coldly. Not so much annoyed-chilly as a pure lack of affection. "I didn't bring any bags this trip."
He smiles, clearly not offended. "Travel light, huh? Can't say's I blame you, ma'am. The less you tote, the less you spend, 'specially the way the airlines gouge you anymore."

His face is pure friendliness. No attempt at flirting, no pressure or pushiness, just a nice, open guy being polite to a lady.

"Yes, ma'am," he says, nodding to her with respect. "There's a lot to be said for simple Virtues."
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