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GURPS Manifest Destiny: MY first attempt at a GURPS game, it was Sci-Fi Western before Firefly did it...500 years from now, mankind has established a space republic, there were ups and downs along the way, such as the Robot Uprising which resulted in the laws against Artificial Intelligence. There was also the civil war between the Terran Republic (the governing body) and the Solar Federation, the governments of some of the other planets in the Sol system attempted a bit of a rebellion and failed. Most of the campaign took place on the frontier of the Terran Republic, which was largely like the American West. Basic TL assumptions was that it was TL 10 or 11 (forget which exactly, this was in 3e right before 4e was released), people wandered around armed with blasters, and FTL travel included both jump gates (for established systems as ships with hyperspace capabilities were expensive), think of them as serving as sort of a railroad. I've toyed with returning tothis setting and am debating on running "Trouble at Traver's Rift at local convention in March.

GURPS Western Horror: (I never did come up with a name for the campaign...But, it's as it says...Western horror...It included such things as Death wandering the world as a gun fighter.

GURPS Ronin Enterprises: I'm still toying with this one a bit...But, it's a supers game, where the "heroes" of the world work for Blackwater-esque corporations to help keep the peace from rogue paranormals.

GURPS Improbable Adventures: Set in an alternate 1930s, it's a mix of Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, Untouchables, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, with a dash of Lovecraft thrown in.

I've got more, i'll post 'em when I get the chance.
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