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Dungeon Realm

This world is basically a mythical Earth that has been populated by Dungeon Fantasy creatures. All of the gods of myth are active and each pantheon has its own plane that connects to the Dungeon Realm. Asgard holds the Norse pantheon, Tir Nan Og holds the Celtic pantheon, the Aaru fields holds the Egytian pantheon, Olympus holds the Greek pantheon, Heaven holds Yahweh and his angels, Hell holds Satan and his demons, etc. There are any number of gods such as Nimue, who is the Lady of the Lake, to Mesopotamian gods like Lilith and Enki. All manor or monsters from myths and legend are also in this world as well as any number of mythological artifacts like Excalibur, the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail, Strombringer etc. There are also gods and monsters from fictional pantheons such as the Lords of Chaos from the Elric stories, Sauron and orcs and elves from Tolkien, AD&D gods like Lolth (called Arachnia in my world) and of course the Elder Gods like Cthulhu and Nyalathotep. There is a constant battle between good and evil so that the gods from different pantheons often aid one another based more on morality than plane of origin, although the gods will squabble among other pantheons in order to protect their own interest. The Lovecraftian gods in my world are so utterly evil that even the evil gods from other pantheons will prevent their entrance into the Dungeon Realm because they will completely destroy the fabric of reality should they be allowed to enter.

There are many ages in the Dungeon Realm. There is the rise of the Deep Ones and their attempt to bring forth the Great Cthulhu, and then there was the rise of the serpent men who worshipped other Elder Gods and then finally the rise of the Sakyss, the dinosaur-men, who ruled the world for eons. Something unknown caused the fall of the Sakyss but after their rise they broke open the walls of reality and all manner of monsters and gods from myths, legends and popular fantasy populated the Dungeon Realm. During this time man became the most dominant force. But eventually he became arrogant and filled with pride and no longer served the gods. Man began to use magic and soon became expert in the subject. Sorcerers ruled the land and it is thought they studied the texts they found in the ruins of the Sakyss and this led to the downfall of humanity. The sorcerers became cruel and petty, often feuding among themselves. The good gods were no help to the sorcerers so they appealed to the evil ones like Apep, Set, Ares, Thanatos, Loki, Hel, Hecate, Arioch, Orcus, Morrigan, Demogorgon, Arachnia, Chardhros, Loviator and the Devil. These gods brought forth armies of demons to help the sorcerers battle among themselves. This time became known as The Demon Wars where the Dungeon Realm was almost destroyed by the force of evil. Then something happened and none knows why, but the Demon Wars ended. Some say that the good gods formed a covenant with humanity; others say the sorcerers tired of endless war while others say the Elder Gods were trying to enter the Dungeon Realm and both good and evil deities united to expel them.

After the Demon Wars the world was slowly rebuilt but humanity more closely followed the gods. The mystic races of elves, dwarves, gnomes and Halflings live in their own environments away from humanity. But the ruins of the past remain for those brave enough to explore them as there are treasures from ages past buried deep underground in the dungeons built by the sorcerers during the Demon Wars. Yet, these dungeons often are built beside the ruins of the even more ancient races of the Sakyss, Deep Ones and Serpent Men.

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