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My current campaigns (July 2008-June 2010):

The Foam of Perilous Seas is a mythic high fantasy campaign set in the astral plane as described in Ken Hite's GURPS Cabal. The characters are the crew of a privateer ship in the service of Atlantis, variously escorting trade fleets, hunting pirates, and carrying out diplomatic errands. They've encountered a variety of mythic, legendary, and folkloric beings, from King Neptune during a "crossing the line" ceremony to the wounded and comatose King Arthur on the island of Avalon; they've battled pirates from Huy Breasil and Ys and the undersea city of the Yithoglu. The theme is myths and legends of the sea and of islands. Characters are built on 250 points and are allowed magic, mystical powers, and cinematic skills.

Sovereignty is a present-day supers campaign set in an alternate timeline where the world's sixty or so most powerful supers are legally sovereign states, in recognition of their ability to fight an average national army to a standstill. The theme is power politics: the superheroic analog of "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The characters are supers a bit short of sovereign status, who've been recruited to work together to keep rogue sovereigns in line, by negotiation if possible, but by open war if necessary. A number of adventures have focused on the archnemesis of one of the team members, who has opposed her in one war after another since the time of ancient Sparta; now he's siding with the sovereigns who want greater freedom of action, while she defends humanity against them.

Bill Stoddard
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