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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have quite a few GURPS adventure resources available for download.

First, there are two Quick-Play Adventures: "Race for the Dutchman" is an Old West quest to find a hidden silver mine, "The Bunnies' Tale" is a Bunnies and Burrows/Watership Down flavored adventure to find the way back home after being swept away from the warren. These are self-contained adventures in the vein of the excellent Lady Blackbird, and include pre-gen characters, GM notes, NPC stats, etc.

Second, there is a wide variety of games I have run as one-shots at local conventions. These (generally) contain pre-gen characters, NPC stats, GM notes, player handouts, paper minis/figures, and more. Currently, they include:
  • Beware the Boogeyman (children's toys come to life at night and journey to the Nightmare Palace to defeat the Boogeyman and protect their children)
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (a group of PC bunnies venture forth to rescue a rabbit in trouble)
  • Hell on Wheels (a biker gang runs afoul of a local werewolf clan)
  • Locus: A Needle in Infinite Haystacks (a menagerie of strange 'alien' creatures help to reunite a rare pair of mated humans in the multi-dimensional city of Locus)
  • Requiem (an adventure based on the unfilmed script for the old "Dungeons & Dragons" cartoon)
  • Rescue or Bug Hunt? (US Colonial Marines on a corporate rescue mission encounter Alien Xenomorphs)
  • Some Bunny Needs You (pre-gens and materials for running the old "Herbmaster's Plea" adventure from the 3rd Edition "GURPS: Bunnies & Burrows" book)
  • The Warriors (members of the Warriors street gang are stranded far from home after being framed for Cyrus's murder. Can they bop their way back home?)

And, finally, the recaps of some of my much older games are online, and may be of some inspiration. They are from before there was a 4th edition, but they're all GURPS and they were all a blast to GM (and play, if my players are to be believed):
  • To Thine Own Self Be True (Cyberpunk/Voodoo campaign, lasted 19 sessions. Mayhem in a cyberpunk future, featuring rogue AIs, lots of combat, atonement for past lives, revolution, voodoo spirits and in-betweeners)
  • To Thine Own Self Be True, part II (Sequel to the above, lasted 7 sessions)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Fantasy campaign, ran for 29 sessions. Took place almost entirely in the city of Waterdeep (from the Forgotten Realms). Mysteries, revenge, and of course - a dragon or two)
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