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Daniverse Campaigns & Adventures: Currently between campaigns.
  • After the End: A sandbox/hex-crawl post-zombie-apocalypse campaign, featuring a group of contestants and production crew for a post-apocalypse–themed reality show called After the End. First campaign to feature a session-blog. Predates the official After the End and Zombies books. Session Logs
  • The Crusade: What I've dubbed a "sandbox procedural," a semi-historical campaign, starting in 1173A.D., featuring a group of travelers on pilgrimage from Normandy, France, to Jerusalem, gradually turning into a Medieval Monster Hunters campaign—inspired by the TV series, Supernatural—along the way. As a "procedural," this campaign doesn't gloss over the travel experience, but revolves around it—it will be many runs before they actually reach Terra Sancta, if they make it there at all (the "sandbox" part). My first campaign for a new Player-group, and first to be played online, using Fantasy Grounds.
  • Outlanders: My Stargate-inspired, not-so-generic fantasy setting, that features modern characters shunted to a quasi-medieval, D&D-type world; actually a future Earth wiped clean of civilization by a Magickal (WoD) cataclysm orchestrated by godlike Sidhe Magi, reverting it to Dark Ages level. In both campaigns, the PCs end up with "genre-appropriate" super-powers. Borrows heavily from Celtic Myth.
    • "tolemaC": A Camelot-in-reverse story, with modern PCs, unwilling agents of a Magus (Merlin), being adopted by a local warlord as his šegns, and fighting against a goblin invasion orchestrated by the Evil™ Baron, the reverse-Lancelot character, and his Magus cohort.
    • Faraway: Modern PCs, college football buddies, are on a plane trip to Amsterdam from Seattle that crashes. Styled as a TV series, with a full 12-episode run, it starts out very Lost-like, with the PCs being chased by a D&D troll, gaining super-powers by eating from a forbidden tree, captured by a goblin invasion force just before the island's volcano starts erupting, all killed, wake up to a Medieval world, taken in by a noble wizard, discover they are Immortals (Highlander), and defend a village from barbarian invasion.
  • Apocalypse: A modern investigation/horror, featuring a strong World of Darkness backdrop, set entirely in a single small town—influences include X-Files, American Gothic, Millenium, etc. This is more of an "Adventure Seed," since it was cancelled after the first episode, but there's a synopsis of that episode, and an explanation of much of the setting work.
  • Dreamland: A "humorous" modern self-characters campaign, with much sci-fi weirdness. Starts with the players (as themselves) going to a Las Vegas sci-fi/gaming convention, ending up mixed up with some Russian mafia-types, on the run from Agents (from The Matrix), getting captured and "modified" at a secret lab, given super-powers, and attempting to escape (Half-Life rip-off). Easter-eggs and inside-jokes abound.
  • Fortune Hunters, Inc. and the Galleon of Gold: '30s pulp, high-adventure campaign, styled as a single movie (intended to have many sequels). Six sessions long (though cut short), it features historical flashbacks using Age-of-Sail character counterparts, some globe-hopping, a rival treasure-hunters group, and under the surface, time-travelers, World of Darkness, and "Cthulhu-type" elements. If GURPS 4e were around at that time, it would've made heavy use of the Action! series.
  • Steel Ships & Space Marines: My composite Space setting, where basically any sci-fi movie that I liked well enough, and could work into the setting, actually happened; this means Aliens, Predator, Firefly, just to to name a few. No single overall campaign exists, currently, but I do have a couple of self-contained adventures that happen to have been loosely linked (a full campaign was, and may yet be, one day, in the works).
    • Replacement Miners: A number of unrelated PC characters, on the run, end up taking a job heading to the galactic core to work a lonely mining facility, to find it has been abandoned due to Alien™ infestation, the survivors of which retreated to the orbital refinery facility. A combination of Aliens and The Abyss storylines. Lasted about 2-3 sessions, and can (and in this case, did) end with PCs making off with the pay-chest.
    • The Sabo Affair: PCs (including some survivors of the Replacement Miners adventure), owners of a one-ship tramp freighter company, are approached by an old friend, Mac Sabo, a space-pirate, in an effort to convince them to help him retrieve the "buried treasure" of a relatively-well-known pirate, Samson "Black" Bale. Intended to be the first in a series of "low-intensity" adventures (that is, not a "save the universe from imminent destruction" story), set around a single home-base. Also features a rival company, some flouting of the law, and the opportunity to end up with a butt-load of loot.
    • The Chronicles of Trent: Play-by-Post/GameFic solo campaign, a continuation from the previous campaign.
  • Underground: A near-future cyberpunk adventure using the Feng Shui system, where the PCs are action-heroes recruited into a cell of resistors to the oppressive government, operating in secret within the Waste Management bureau, trying to stop the release of a new mind-altering drug called Prozium (Equilibrium). A two-part "series pilot," the setting borrows heavily from GURPS Cyberworld, with a bit of World of Darkness thrown in under the radar.

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