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Default GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Some GMs need ideas. Some GMs already had ideas, and like to tell other folks what happened in the games they just ran. Some of those GMs have websites where they post one or both of those items for public consumption.

As a (hopefully, temporary) replacement to published GURPS adventures and campaigns, let's make our scratch-made or converted material easily available to those who have it not. Since it would be somewhat clumsy to have everyone's campaigns in a separate thread littering about the forums, this thread is to be a repository for such information.

In each post, provide a brief summary of what the campaign(s) is about, how long, etc., so that readers can get an at-a-glance idea what they're looking at, and a link to a website/blog/forum/whatever where they can see a write-up or synopsis of the adventure or campaign.

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