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Default Re: Does a Reptile Man double their HTH damage before or after their UC/Brawling bonu

I don't know where you get 1d+1 for ST 16 human in HTH. Both old Advanced Melee and new ITL tables seem to me to read 1d for ST 15-16, no?

I put 2d+3 for a ST 16 Reptile man with dagger in HTH as one literal reading of the rules - if they do double damage for their ST in HTH, and a dagger adds +3, that could be read as 2d+3. If they only use the dagger though, then yeah 1d+3, and I could see ruling that they have to choose one or the other... but that would tend to make daggers useless to reptile men... but maybe that's ok...

As for doubling 1d instead or rolling 2d, doubling 1d has a pretty big effect on the swinginess of the damage compared to rolling 2d, for better or for worse.
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