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Default Re: [Modern Firepower] Technothriller gear for secret DHS team in 2017

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Can you conceal a plate carrier?
A normal plate carrier: no, not really unless you are in bulky clothing like full biker gear, as they tend to be built for military type use mostly.

But it should be noted that a standalone class IV plate does not really need an official carrier, it just needs something to properly hold it in place when you move.

The plates themselves are about 2 cm thick and 30cm by 25cm, so it is perfectly possible to build a non-military style carrier and try to hide such under medium clothing like a suit.

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
That actually sounds like elbow and knee pads combined with a half-helmet might be a lot of help.
You really also want shoulder and spinal protectors if possible. The basic "biker armor" has shoulders, knees, elbows and spine specially protected, in addition to the overall abrasion and minor bump protection. The gloves also have normally knuckle impact protection.

As example my suit has removable(for cleaning etc) armor panels in those locations in inside pockets of the suit. But some have them as non removable parts.

During that first second at 40-50 mph, skidding along the road, what kind of abrasion damage? 2d? 1d+2? 1d? And how does it interact with DR?

In particular when various PCs may be wearing ballistic polymer / para-aramid vests, DR 1-2 elbow and knee guards designed to resist impacts and abrasion and/or skintight racing leathers / latex bodysuit?

And doing twice the abrasion damage in the first second?
I do not know what would be appropriate damage, but if you opt for actual racing suit instead of the skintight showoff suit you should really get minimal abrasion as that is the main thing they protect against. (the hardened parts or the armor panels protect against the actual impact as those are the things you hit unless there is something like a rock hitting some other part between the protections.)

You can occasionally actually see drivers in track motorbike races fall and glide along the track for quite a bit before stopping and then get up and walk away.
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