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Default Spell help for Firestorm

I need help creating a spell similar to what was seen in Harry Potter half blood prince used by Dumbledore. Firestorm. The spell is supposed to be a massive spray of fire from his wand or staff that wipes in circles and encompasses a massive or small area. As the spell is produced and up and running, burning all in its effects the caster can also call down streaks of fire to attack targets. Sort of rain of fire mixed with wall of fire and fire ball. See YouTube for the scene.

I need help designing this as a spell of legend of my world using the normal raw spell rules, not powers or RPM. Any help in designing it would be great. I’m seeing it as a spell that few wizards can conjure and even mentioning it causes fear in others. To say a wizard can do it is seen most times as a false boast until it’s seen. A spell of mastery and legend.

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