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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Duncan, Heaven, James, Luna and Simon are stuck on a ship with a bunch of kids from a future society. They rescue a wealthy couple with a pair of dogs (which the kids have never seen) and wind up caring for them (as the couple are in serious condition and have to be medivaced away).

Lillie (NPC): "I was looking through the records for informaiton about dogs, and I found this movie, A Boy and His Dog. We should watch it."
Luna: "No! In fact, let me see that. Where's the delete command?"

Later, after observing a ship that Duncan commented looked like a steampunk ship:
Lillie: "I found this steampunk movie in the records: A Clockwork Orange. We should watch it."
Luna: "NO! That's not a steampunk movie. Seriously, don't they have something like Treasure Planet in the records?"

Later, after finding some decent movies for the kids to watch:
Lillie: "I found a movie about porcupines, it's called Quills--."
Luna (OOC, looking directly at GM): "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
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