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Default Re: [Modern Firepower] Technothriller gear for secret DHS team in 2017

Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
If I needed reliable body armor, and wasn't really expecting the fragmentation threat to be great, I'd just get a plate carrier and plates online.

Well, actually I already have both, of course, but as an answer to your question...
Can you conceal a plate carrier?

At least for the PCs, they have Holdout at skill -14 to -20 and are meant to outwardly appear like tourists and the private security for a wealthy tourist in an area known to be violent. They might like rifle proofed armour, but they don't have the option, as they either receive the same model as they are issued at work (federal agents Onyx Rain seems to want to survive) or an inexpensive, basic concealable vest (people Onyx Rain likes little enough to make fairly inexpensive armour plausible).

On the other hand, the Second Chance Monarch Summit and the IIIA vest marked 'Savvy Female' in the surplus police vest section of your link are attractively priced and surely 'good enough' for a couple of people that nobody on Joint Task Force Onyx Rain seem to want to equip anyway, a PC and his NPC 'dependent'.*

*Not really a formal Disadvantage on the character sheet, but due to triggering other Disadvantages and an in-play decision to promise her aid and protection, functions as such, even if she doesn't seem all that grateful and might sometimes seem like more of an 'Enemy'.
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