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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Ahh, you got rid of the moons! Which is very understandable. Shape the setting the way you want it to go. And its a very elegant fix. It has the side effect of making Jupiter's moons possible but expensive to visit.
Yup. Most of the time, working out the mechanics makes it easier to "naturally" achieve the effect you want to achieve.
Of course, in this case, I could directly set the gravitational bound, so it was even easier.

I didn't follow the fast transfer orbits section. is a acceleration or is it the average of perapsis and apoasis again? and is 'v' sub 'a' half of the additional delta-v you're spending?
That's unfortunate. I've added a sentence hopefully clarifying that I'm repeating the formula from above again (and yes, a is again the semi-major axis; I'm assuming almost-instant acceleration. v_a is the additional dV I want to spend)
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