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Originally Posted by kreios View Post
Definitely. That's why I wrote up a bunkroom-based class... except I apparently never added it to the blog. In fact, my first reaction to your post was "But didn't I add this?". I have gone back and edited it in.
Such things happen.

Yep. Slum-Class passengers have it really hard. I've included a quote from Babylon's Ashes on accommodations like that. Not sure I believe the whole prison-like features (thugs, beatings, blackmail), but it fits well with their storyline.
I suspect slum-class situations are especially dependent on the circumstance and origin of the travelers. And the circumstance and origin of travelers is especially varied for slum-class ships. There is a great opportunity for unregulated and unpoliced behavior between strangers shoved into close proximity. And there is a good possibility that crime was common among them without the extra opportunity. But the ship could just as easily be full of disciplined soldiers* or a religious/political splinter group. A group of colonists intending to be future neighbors will have long memories. Its also possible that these travelers are sponsored by someone else, and the sponsor may have an unusual hold or ability to organize them.

Or the culture of travel might be different from place to place.
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