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Default Re: [Blog] n-Body Politics

You should probably include one level below economy class, that uses bunkrooms instead of shared cabins. I'd keep the establishment and attendant rates the same as for economy class. You can about halve the price for such a class yet again.

I'm under no illusions as to how unpleasant this is. You have no privacy at all from your three bunkmates, and precious little from all the other bunk-rooms nearby, as you will have thin walls and shared joint bathrooms. the Opportunity to cook will be minimal. There will be very little space to walk around or exercise: you'll essentially be confined to your bunk.

And yet people have tolerated such conditions for time immemorial. Much of the US population had their ancestors cross in similar circumstances. This pattern has been used for barracks, and the conditions may be similar or even superior to a ship full of refuges fleeing their country.

I thought that such options should probably be mentioned.
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