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At the prodding of Kalzazz, I've decided to share my blog over here on the forums.

My posts focus on two main areas. The first is reviews, primarily but not exclusively of GURPS products, and the second is content based on Mailanka's Psi-Wars.

For my reviews, check out:

For my Psi-Wars posts, there's a few sets that might be interesting to people. The first is my series on the relics of Psi-Wars, which has been described as a variation of enchantment through age and Named Objects:

The next is my examination of the noble houses of Psi-Wars, how they're seen in the setting, and how you can use them in play:

Finally, have this one post on using Impulse Control in Psi Wars.

Let me know if you find any of this interesting or useful! It will help me decide what I'll work on next.
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