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Default Re: Channeling Energy in GURPS POWERS

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
This definitely seems like it falls under Beneficial and Limiting Options of the power. Note the existing rules in GURPS Powers for combining abilities.
You probably have enough on your plate in life to want to even try this, but what might prove to be interesting, is for you to pick up a free copy of WITCHCRAFT by CJ Carella, look at the rules, and see just how much fun you could have translating things into GURPS POWERS terms. Something as simple as Essence Channeling is hard enough, but wait until you see what else Essence Energy pools (reserve) can do for characters.

To the best of my knowledge, GURPS doesn't have rules for variable aging or how to price it no? Can it handle what "slower aging" as an advantage would look like? Where aging is 1 day in 3? Or 1 day in 5, or 1 day in 10, or 1 day in 20, or even 1 day in 50? It wouldn't count as "unaging" per se, but it would mean that GM's who look to a long view in their campaigns, might have the slow aging "gifted ones" be a central theme to their campaign.

Ah well. Let me know if you do pick up a copy of Witchcraft - you can always click on my name and send me an email if you want. Or anyone else for that matter. :)
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