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Default Re: Channeling Energy in GURPS POWERS

For those who wonder - and may have experience with other game systems (what, no one collects other game systems?!!!)

Eden Studios had a game system that was produced by CJ Carella that went by the title of "WITCHCRAFT" - a modern fantasy style campaign in which magic works. Then they came out with the expansions to the system, where "something was coming" - but the gifted didn't know what it was. Then came ARMAGEDDON, which took the beginnings from WITCHCRAFT, and expanded it into a parallel universe in which the Elder Gods (not exactly Cthulhu, but not too alien to that concept!) are trying to barge into the universe and take over. (For those interested in SEEING the rules, WITCHCRAFT is freely available as a PDF at RPNOW.COM).

In any event, the way it works is this:

Each character gets an energy reserve known as Essence Pool. This powers their spells, or psionics if they have it, or any other special powers (religious and Death powers). If a spell requires 25 Essence, and four people get together to cast the spell, they can pool their essence channeling together and take the free ambient Essence that is available, and if they have enough energy, they can cast the spell within one turn. If not, they have to wait until they can gather the requisite energy.

Once the energy is spent, they recover it at a rate of 1 Essence per hour. Vampires and other nasties like to HUNT the gifted because they tend to have extra energy reserves that the monsters can feast upon.

If they have a psionic power they want to utilize, they, the gifted ones with psionics, had to spend - you guessed it, Essence points.

That's the bulk of the advantage. I would suggest taking a peek at the game system if you want a more detailed explanation. Or, you can always privately email me, and I'll respond as quickly as I can...
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