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Default Re: Alabama Flavour for Chase Taylor

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Hmmm... looking over the names in cemetaries in Crenshaw County, I can spot a few I like.

Out of the following, which ought I go for as mother Betty May's maiden name?

Chancellor, Chapman, Everett, Harville, Holladay, Laird, MacGhee, Moody, Morrow or Shreve?
I like Chancellor or Morrow. I knew of a couple of Families by those name in that general area.

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I've been doing a little Googling. Of course, 'Southern' colloqualisms that someone considers worth preserving may not be in current use and/or may not be used anywhere near Luverne, Alabama. Can you tell me if any of the following are appropriate or if they would be wildly off-putting and unsuitable for Chase Taylor to use?

Crud muffin
For crying out loud!
Goodness gracious!**
Gracious me!**
Horse feathers
Lord 'ave mercy!***
Kiss my grits
Mother of pearl!
Son of a biscuit
Crud and Dang I did hear a bit. And For crying out loud! was used from time to time. I may have used all three of those on rare occasions.

The rest you've summed up pretty good. I have heard a lot of them on various TV shows and/or Movies about the south.
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