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Default Re: Project Jade Serenity [Supers/Technothriller]

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Just know that we are here trumpeting your Sisyphean ordeal!
What makes it much more Sisyphean is that we keep having new sessions.

  • My OOC theory of a Rat King descended from early animal experiments who lives in the tunnels under Manhanock Asylum continues to be disbelieved by other players. We saw two of his scouts. The others will see once we come face to face with His Furry Majesty.
  • Lizard people live under the earth on Jewell Island. Well, one woman whose face was sort of scaly. She might just have had a skin condition.
  • There are human bones and dismembered bodies in the abandoned tunnels. Also, there may be insane cannibals, who just urinate and defectate wherever. I'm beginning to think that the guards are really bad at their jobs. Also, I'm concerned about sanitation standards here.
  • Apparently, when O'Toole made such a point of arguing the moral issues involved in killing armed guards who pose a threat, he was parroting socially respectable lines, rather than revealing any personal moral standards. As it turns out, OToole is a bit of a tool.
  • OOC, there seems to be an unofficial competition between the player of Dr. Dreamweaver (Dr. Michael Anderson) and the Tele-Molestor (Danny O'Toole) for the role of team super-creep and all around worst person in the world. Amazingly, despite Dr. Dreamweaver creeping around like a candy-coloured clown they call the Sandman, probably sporting a John Waters moustache* and having powers that boil down to Super-Rohypnol, Danny O'Toole established a commanding early lead with the act of telekinetic sexual assault that led to him being dubbed the Tele-Molestor and has not let up since.
  • For a mild-mannered psychiatrist, Dr. Anderson is oddly fond of plans involving incendiaries, explosions and extreme property damage. He doesn't seem very worried about potential collateral damage, either.
  • Some people think it's badass to kill lots of people with your superpowers. I think badass is walking into a room with five people holding guns on you, hands on your head, and use mundane social skills to try convince them to lay down their weapons so no one has to get hurt.**
  • When the convicted murderer in the adventuring party is the only one with actual respect for human life, everyone involved should probably take a long hard look in a mirror. On the bright side, I guess it's solidly in theme for a Suicide Squad to be composed of bad guys.
  • Whoever first came up with the trope of
    under the sprinkler systems as the fire alarm blares ought to be shot.
  • No matter how earnestly your PC may have decided to avoid any behaviour that could hint of taking advantage of the mental patient who may or may not have been the victim of sexual abuse while imprisoned,

  • It turns out it is a lot easier to make a Will check against initialising any attempts at inappropriately romantic activities than

  • Fortunately, concealable stab-protective vests
  • Awkwardness is only compounded by the presence of a creepy psychiatrist. It's even worse when everyone knows he was listening to the embarrasing
    of the preceding few minutes from a distance of maybe ten feet.

*The player still hasn't turned in a casting photo of his PC and his descrption is vague, but we've all just been assuming either a 70s porn 'stache, an elaborately waxed one or, at worst, a full-on John Waters pencil creep-'stache.
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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