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Default Re: Affliction and Missile Shield

Originally Posted by arnej View Post
Pondering an Affliction for a wizard-hunter character.

Affliction is a ranged attack. It has Acc, Max Range, half-damage range (although I'm still not sure how that would work), but you get the picture.

Would the affliction attack be deflected by a Missile Shield? The attack form can be specified when the power is defined. Could I make some sort of specification that would not be affected by MS? Obviously, if I call it 'Poison Dart Affliction' I could see where it would be, but is that just a special effect?


Depending on the nature of the game and so forth, I would probably have Missile Shield stop any Affliction that doesn't have Area Effect, Cone, Malediction, Rapid Fire, etc.
In other words it's by default a simple ranged attack of some kind, and Missile Shield applies pretty widely to ranged attacks, even including things like Lightning bolts.
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