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Default Re: [Psionics] Pulp Psi-Phi

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
For these two, I'm wondering if 'no superscience tech' should be a specific limitation (it is rather limiting, by definition, especially as the other two in-setting variants do allow it), and if so, how much of a limitation it should be.
Assuming you'd otherwise be pretty free without allowing people to build TL^ stuff, I'd call it -10%. It's limiting, but it isn't removing the main utility of the ability.

For these, I've been thinking that maybe 'Limited mass-production' and 'No mass-production' should be limitations, and again, wondering how limiting they are. This actually fits with a number of super-hero settings, where the gadgeteers and mad scientists create all this neat stuff, but it never comes on the market, or only the prototype (or the results of said prototype, like Captain America) exists.
Frankly, IMO that's just a setting switch. If you don't want super gadgeteers changing the world, then that's something that really needs to be handled on the meta/setting level, not on the character level.
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