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Depends on the situation, of course - weapon type (pistol, automatic, or longarm?), level of training, environment (cover?) - but I would respectfully disagree with this. Unless you're suppressing a target with high-volume or automatic fire (in which case your aim isn't to hit the target as much as keep them immobile and passive), shots landed on an actual visible target are not that rare. But, again, situations vary wildly from scared street thugs and wild insurgents to trained cops and hardened soldiers. Military experience to back this one up.

This does make me wonder if there are suppression rules, though... I should look that up. It would add an extra element to high-volume fire!
Vietnam disagrees. U.S troops fired estimated 2.200 to 50.00 rounds per kill, while snipers used estimated 1.33 bullets per kill. (statistic vary wildly by different sources)
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