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None probably. Military forces routinely fire thousands of rounds per casualty. For World War II the numbers are fairly firm and run about 1000 small arms rounds, and just under a ton of heavier ordinance, per casualty. Estimates for the recent Iraq war range from 50 to 250 times that. Admittedly military forces are a lot more willing to shoot at nothing on the off chance there is somebody over there, but still.

For a group that is more careful about targets and probably more cost constrained, US hunters kill 220 million animals per year (according to anti-hunting sites anyway) which dividing by the $6 billion of sporting ammunition sales suggests hunters burn through 50 to 100 rounds per kill. Admittedly some nontrivial fraction of sport shooting is for something other than hunting, but that 220 million kills figure is probably generously padded too.
I don't really see how that is relevant. The wast majority of those military bullets were probably fired by people who could not directly see any enemy.

There is also shooting practice and unused amunition. Also there are probably a number of careless hunters who significantly increases the average number of bullets per kill. The hunting I have personally witnessed had one kill per bullet and those hunters were not exceptionally skilled.

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