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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
Tepes is the mundane basis for Dracula, so a "real" Dracula would start out with the basic abilities of Tepes. So was he good a military tactics? What languages did he speak? Was he a master Administrator? Don't list out his Skills and Advantages but give an idea of what they are, if you can.

Per wikipedia "Vlad is believed to have learned combat skills, geography, mathematics, science, languages (Old Church Slavonic, German, Latin), and the classical arts and philosophy." Does that match up with what you see in WW1?
This, exactly. Thank you, Drifter.

Of course, in the 15th century, 'science' would be mostly covered under Expert Skill (Natural Philosophy)/TL4, but could include a few other skills. The version of Dracula that will be developed here will have Alchemy/TL4^, for example.

Stat-wise, outside of ST, Dracula was probably fairly agile, robust, and smart. Based on that:

ST 15/45
DX 13
IQ 14
HT 12

Does that look good?
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