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Default Re: [Psionics] Pulp Psi-Phi

Originally Posted by smurf View Post

Do the psi stuff play into the ubermensch trope? Or are there dissenters and unionised psis of the various communist parties around the world?

I can see it playing both ways with ubermensch. True men do, or don't, have these powers. In the spirit of the setting though I think "do have psi" group will prevail, but the "don'ts" can be used minor villains or even allies to help fight the Overmen. And of course ubermensch powers are much better than any other powers - maybe they concentrate only on select powers and equipment? They consider other powers/equipment/drugs to be inferior or tainted?

To a lesser extreme you can get union psis from around the world to concentrate on certain abilities, so you get schools or teams. Say pyro squads, or a telepathy trio. They could make a good villain of the week sort of enemy, or contact group.

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