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Default Re: limitations and basic attributes?

Originally Posted by lexington View Post

I've never seen a goat climb a tree or scale a wall.
Goats will, however, scale vertical surfaces; they are well-adapted for climbing, with spreadable cloven hooves, traction pads, and dewclaws. In GURPS terms, they would have No Fine Manipulators yet qualify for a racial climbing bonus. Cats (all kinds, not just housecats) truly climb using claws; if you've ever had a kitten, you'll know that they go straight up porous walls, and leopards will do the same with stone faces, given half a chance. I do not think that No Fine Manipulators affects Climbing much – it just removes the option of using tools. Granted, there are certainly creatures with NFM and Incompetence (Climbing), but the second is something that can and often is justified by the first, not part of it; it's a correlation/causation issue.

I'm making no claims for this site, but it does illustrate that there's a fair range out there.
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