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Default Re: Overkill on a Mozambique drill

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
I've seen this happen in play: Foe A is active, goes below 0 HP with a major wound and is stunned, passed the first HT check versus unconsciousness on their turn and then Does Nothing, and proceeds to fail the HT checks to recover from stun for several turns.

There are plenty of real life examples of people being incapacitated but conscious while they bleed out. I don't really consider this a Murphy.
Further, failing an "unconsciousness" roll might not mean that they're really unconscious, but might be semi-conscious but completely out of it because of pain, or otherwise unable to act correctly. Could well have a slow progression from stunned (Largely out of it, but able to defend, even though at a penalty) to even more out of it (Largely the same, but unable to defend), and eventually true unconsciousness.
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