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Default Re: Overkill on a Mozambique drill

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
This is a case of GURPS not precisely modeling reality, but the rules-correct implementation is:
Hit 1: reduces HP to -18. 1 death check (for passing -12)
Hit 2: reduces HP to -42. 2 death checks (for passing -24 and -36)
Hit 3: reduces HP to -98. Automatic death.

Of course, the Mozambique drill isn't really designed for pistols with the lethality of battle rifles.
Right, three death checks it is, then. Thank you, all.

re battle-rifle pistols: I know what you mean, and the example is the compact, ie concealable, service automatic, and I stepped back from #^ pistols (which actually worked out really well in terms of the feel I wanted for weapon lethality, legality issues, and body armour: anyone can own a pistol proof t-shirt but only federales can own weapons powerful enough to easily counter it.

Also good to know the officer will be totally in the clear - not his fault if a trained reflex response to a lethal threat results in death as opposed to incapacitation (which covers the immediately preceding shooting where two rounds to the abdomen proved fatal).

Muy gracias, companeros. Grosse dankes, kammerades. Domo arigato gozaimas, senseisan. Mercy buckets, even, me old cocks!
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