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Originally Posted by AurochJake View Post
  • Feature addition! - Scenario Export tool. This was suggested by user Onwaaard and means users can now export images of their scenarios at their chosen resolution, meaning users can theoretically print out their custom scenarios and make their own Ogre game boards!
  • Fixed bug with non infantry and G.E.V. units being unable to use railroad bridges.
  • Fixed bug where occasionally units on a hex containing a road/rail/bridge that were not on it, were still receiving the movement cost as if they were.
  • Fixed bug where AI could attack twice with AP guns during the first turn of an overrun.
  • Fixed a few bugs with scenario editor crashing on open and randomly freezing.
Scenario Export... super cool
RR bridges... THANK YOU
everything else... yay! Keep up on the updates. Things are really starting to shape up. :-)
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