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Default Re: Glass chits made from tile

Originally Posted by KevinJ View Post
Those do look nifty. You could also draw things on the back and then apply paint over the drawing to make them 'permanent'. Do you know where they were purchased?
Thank you. Mine were painted white on the bottom already but that would be a killer idea otherwise. I am not sure where they were purchased. A lot of my gaming bits are pieces of trash tile and whatnot from construction sites I work at and this happend to be a lone 12x12 sheet going into the trash.

Originally Posted by oldwolf View Post
I bet a "grease" pencil would work great on them and not smudge easily, while still being able to be rubbed off cleanly.
That is a good idea too. I tried using a very fine sharpie as suggested above and it worked really well.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Nice find.

1x1" glass mosaic tiles are a pretty common item for building decor, and can be pretty cheap (pennies per tile, usually in 12x12 sheets, so 144 tiles for a few dollars). You can get them in all sorts of colors or patterns, too. Match the theme or setting for your game, color-code the good guys and bad guys, and so on.
Thanks! They come in many varieties indeed. I have some textured translucent blue ones that I use for water. I also have some megahexes I got out of some sheets of 1" hexagon tile.
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