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Originally Posted by Andygal View Post
I think some of those references are from an older generation lol. That's why you have to tailor the probing to things somebody of the suspect's purported age (and sex) would probably have seen, or at least heard referenced.

Almost everybody that grew up during the mid/late 90's has probably watched Pokemon or played the Pokemon games at least once or twice, and even the ones that haven't have almost certainly heard of the Pokemon TV show and know about Ash and Pikachu at least in passing, or have played the Pokemon video games and know what they are about. It would be extremely unusual to find somebody in North America that grew up during that period that didn't know anything at all about Pokemon.

Or like Pogs, or Tamagotchi, or apparently (and this is before my time) pet rocks, or all those other things that were huge fads for a particular age group
Exactly. My generation, many of those references were ubiquitious.

The Questions can be refined for age, nation, region and even gender. Though Hello Kitty seems to cross almost all of those lines for some reason.

This suggests that newly fledged Celestials will be given outsider roles to help them assimilate. No one expects Zuzana to know any of those references..and unless the questioner is an expert on Russian questions, she's home free...for a while. This gives a GM an hand wave as to why agents in place are more likely to be left in place after a screw up then replaced due to the difficulty of explaining the difference between an Autobot and a Decepticon.

It also suggests that there are houses or even towns, ala "The Experts" simply for the training of Celestials, innoculating the values and cultural floatsom into their heads so they have a chance at blending in.

Of course, this suggests all kinds of interesting RP opportunities
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