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Default Redefining Role

My game recently brought up an important element in the nature of the Role. In the rules, a Role is based upon the depth of human interaction. A man who is known to all his co-workers, who helped Jim build his garage, who has attended a hundred birthday parties etc, is more 'accepted' by humanity and the Symphony. This is, of course, perfectly true.

However, what if the Role also embraced the vermissiltude of the person who as they impersonate a human being?

To whit: Bob the Djinn. Bob, when asked about his mother, shrugs. He cannot name any major sports teams, a single one of the Seven Dwarves, or any of the last three Presidents, despite supposedly being 30 years old. When he hears someone hum the "Oscar Meyer Weiner" jingle, he says "Nice tune. What is that?"

This would broadly expand the nature of the Role. It would involve defining it as specifically including cultural assimilation within it's provence. It also leads in some other interesting directions.

Cultural quizing: This is a skill taught to Inquisitors and Hunters on both sides to attempt to attempt to identify Celestials. It requires being able to ask questions of the target and being culturally familiar with the role. +Role of Questioner, -Role of the target and whatever applicable skills. -2 to difficulty if used in a casual setting (i.e. outside of an interrogation situation).

Plot Hook: A Malakim has identified a person whom he thinks is a Celestial. Is she? Is she a spy from a normal Earthly intelligence agency? If so, what flavor of Celestial. She isn't talking but she is in a position of great influence.
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