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Default Re: New Scenario: Sidewinder

One more thought: If this will be used by players who will only have the new Ogre 6E rules, you need to (briefly) explain the rules for lasers. Something like:

3.2 Lasers. In this scenario, lasers have an attack strength of 2 and can reach anywhere on the map, except a laser is blocked by any crater or ridge hexside. Use a straightedge to establish whether there is a clear line-of-sight between the laser and its target.

3.2.1 Lasers and Ogre Missiles. A laser can attempt to intercept each Ogre missile on the turn it is fired. To do so, the laser must roll a 10 or above on two dice. A laser that shoots at an opponent's missile(s) may not attack during its next fire phase.
This way, players can easily adopt lasers to their 6E games.
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