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Default Re: [GAME] Collaborative World Building Dwarven city as a start

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
Question 4
What is the name and title of the current leader(s) of Knurlkyth.
The current leader is a middle-aged dwarf named Knurl (as all leaders of Knurlkyth have been named since its founding). Her name prior to assuming the mantle of leadership was Darada Spore-wise. Her rule has been adequate but uninspiring. She harbors a feeling of inferiority that's not as secret as she assumes, and as she approaches the later years of her reign it's affecting her decision-making. Her title is First Forgewright.

Question 5:

What do the dwarves of Knurlkyth believe to be the greatest threat to their way of life, and are they right?

(to get us away from the dwarf-hold a bit and start building the neighborhood)
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