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Default Re: [GAME] Collaborative World Building Dwarven city as a start

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A. Do the dwarves have access to relatively clear glass or a substitute?
B. Do the dwarves have access to “new world" crops such as potatoes?
C. Are the dwarves technically inclined enough to develop the seed drill earlier than humans did?
D. Do the dwarves farm fish?
E. Are minerals mined for agricultural use?
F. Are insects used to make better use of resources for food.
A. The glass wouldn't need to be of plate glass quality, early tile glass would be sufficient if it was clear. Some of the earliest plants grown under cover used oiled material that only let in a small amount of light. Palace gardens are also common enough in history, cucumbers all year round for emperors.
B. Having potatoes and other New World root crops increases the carbohydrate production at the High Gate. The potatoes and other root crops would require a rotation and likely take up 1/4 of the cropping area leaving the rest unchanged. The end result might be either a 20% increase in production or decreased need for the Middle Gate system.
C. I was thinking about the later Jethro Tull version or something similar. Sorry for the omission. It would benefit the Middle Gate system the most, again maybe a 20% improvement.
D. Fish farming indoors would require either insects or grain production from the Middle Gate.
F. Likely insects include alpine crickets, wax worms and for consuming fungus maybe slugs.

I'll forgo answering questions just yet, no matter how much I want too. Here is the current question.
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Question 4
What is the name and title of the current leader(s) of Knurlkyth.
Waiting for inspiration to strike......
And spending too much time thinking about farming for RPGs
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