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Default Re: [GAME] Collaborative World Building Dwarven city as a start

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
A. Do the dwarves have access to relatively clear glass or a substitute?
Answer A
It's probably easy enough for them to make broad sheet glass for glass houses. The quality and clarity would be quite low, but still adequate for the purpose of extending the growing season. The nearby halfling city-states, with access to purer materials, produce some of the region's higher quality glass products, but it's difficult for Knurlkyth to acquire much.

B. Do the dwarves have access to “new world crops such as potatoes?
C. Are the dwarves technically inclined enough to develop the seed drill earlier than humans did?
Answers B,C
I'll say "it depends" for these. How much would the new world crops replace what we have so far?

And for the seed drill- which human culture do you mean? China and India apparently had early versions, and there were European ones in the 1550s and 1600s. I'd give the dwarves something between that and the 19th century version, whatever that would look like.

D. Do the dwarves farm fish?
E. Are minerals mined for agricultural use?
F. Are insects used to make better use of resources for food.
Answers D, E, F
All these I'd put under the umbrella of "use it if it's useful". I don’t see the dwarves turning away from a useful technology (or biotech) that they've heard of or come up with if it improves their situation somehow.

Fish would give them a different protein source to rely on, and would keep pests under control. (Besides, I can't deny a suggestion I originally made…)

Being miners and working with smelting and glass-making chemicals, it would be unusual for them not to experiment with agricultural uses, so this would be a natural synergy of them mining and farming in the same space.

And insects would be used if they're useful, and probably end up on the dinner table too.

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Question 2:
What are the three most important goods, by trade value, that Knurlkyth produces?
Answer 2- Trade Goods
1) Amaranth Sour Beer
Amaranth seeds make a spicy beer with a thick, persistent head. May sometimes be flavoured with amaranth flowers too, giving it a deep red hue.

2) Caterpillar Fungus, and its cousin, Corpse Fungus
The caterpillar fungus, found in the wild meadows above 4000 metres as a stalk sticking out from its mummified caterpillar host, is a highly valued folk remedy, taken in tea or cooked in soup or chicken dishes. It is supposed to improve vigour and vitality, cure diseases and relieve impotency. Herbalists use it as the basis for potions of strength or healing as well as aphrodisiacs. This is one of the most valuable trade commodities for dwarves across the region and is referred to as purple gold.

The Knurlkyth spore-masters long ago found a locally unique strain of the fungus that can spore in the dermis of humanoids. Cultivating it on the corpse of a recently deceased dwarf allows the fungus to gradually desiccate and mummify the corpse, from which it can then be harvested. The fungal mummification is a standard part of the local burial custom, but thence trading in the fungus for its purported magical properties is both blasphemous and highly illegal… except for one source. Criminals condemned for crimes heinous or treasonous enough are incarcerated alive in the spore pits, where they are slowly and painfully consumed by the fungus. Harvesting the fungus from these victims is hardly condoned, but this would have to be the only source possible for the fungal stalks that appear on the local black market, complete with attached identifiable pieces of humanoid anatomy, wouldn’t it?

3) Artisanal Weapons and Armour
Knurl the Firstsmith founded the city as a locus of fine weapon manufacture in the early era of it being a major centre for the martial arts. In a philosophical argument with the elven warmaster, Lornegei, over which is superior in combat - the perfectly trained warrior armed with but a broken tree branch, or the perfectly equipped warrior with little training - Knurl the Firstsmith embarked on a quest to create the perfect weapon.

He and his descendants are responsible for many of the metallurgic and hoplological advances accredited to dwarven weapon-crafting. Knurlkyth is now known for producing some of the region's best individual weapon or armour creations, but as each piece is unique they command a high price. For mass-manufacture of quality weapons to arm your host, you should seek audience with some of their neighbours instead.

Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
Yes and they also shape and polish parts of the surrounding mountain to reflect light to extend the growing season.
They polish the bare rock or metal mirrors?
I was thinking of having sun mirrors across the valleys too, but I wanted to know if the city is supposed to be hidden from casual observation first.


Question 4
What is the name and title of the current leader(s) of Knurlkyth.
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