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Default Re: [SPACESHIPS] Ships of Unusual Shape S.O.U.S.

Originally Posted by Jayleia View Post
Has anyone else run into these problems, and have you successfully dealt with them?
The problems are core to the system and obvious from when I first set eyes on it buy not particularly addressable without massive house ruling or indeed creations to variant combat systems.

A ship where its' shape conformed to the way Spaceships _works_ would look like a can of cat food flying sideways but it would morph into a sphere without doing much damage to SOD.

The thing is that Spaceships ship "shape" isn't literal at all. For example take the Klingon Bird of Prey. It has disruptors on its' wingtips. Where do they go in Spaceships terms?

Don't even bother trying to decide if the wings are in the middle or the rear. The disruptors go in the front. That's where you can get the right field of fire results so that's where they go. It just doesn't matter what the ship really looks like.

This is just one of those things that's baked into the system from the start because the start is an abstract battle game and not a detailed roleplaying supplement.
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