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Default [SPACESHIPS] Ships of Unusual Shape S.O.U.S.

OK, the Spaceships system has a front, center and aft, with roughly equal distribution of systems, implying that the three sections are about the same size.

And then you have shows like Star Wars where that really gets messy. The Nebulon-B, for example, looks like it should have two front sections, or an aft, fore, and ventral...or something. But if it has two front sections, it can clearly fire aft with some of the weapons on the second, lower front section, etc.

Or the Death Star (really, any spherical station/ship), putting systems on the "center" section leaves them exposed to attack from the sides, when it has no sides to speak of, and most of the systems in the center feel like they should count as [CORE] systems.

It feels like there should be options to add sections for weird ship designs, but then you run into problems with combat...

Has anyone else run into these problems, and have you successfully dealt with them?
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