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Default Re: [DF] Druids in Worminghall

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
If I were going to go for druidism in a big way I would probably look at the tree magic rules from Thaumatology.
That looks like a good starting point, but there are at least a couple of issues that arise from it.

You need to decide if Herb Lore is something that druids do, and if Worminghall's practitioners have any relationship with druids.

Eventually, someone will discover that while image magic and tree magic have very different structures, the spells possible within them are pretty much the same. The druids likely won't have much of a problem with this: "the spells are part of the world, not creations of your god", but some parts of the church may feel that magic which isn't exclusively christian is contaminated by paganism, and should be discarded.
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