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I really like the Worminghall pdf for a town base for dungeon exploration. I would like there to be some druids nearby as well. I like the concept of image magic and it fits well with the way wizards work in my Mythic Earth gameworld. But I would like druids to be literally the "old faith" meaning they are religious as opposed to mana magic wielding wizards. This also makes sense that druids are given power investiture instead of magery. So what would druids worship? Nature itself? This sounds fine but I was thinking of bringing some older Celtic gods into the gameworld. So my idea to do so is that the Celtic gods were defeated by Christianity and were relegated to a lesser status. In the process their pantheon merged with nature and this how the druids worship them. Some of the more powerful individual Celtic gods can be called upon and can help PC's or the clerics who worship them but for the most part their power is linked to nature. Does this make sense? I would like keep the gameworld with a pseudo-medieval feel if possible. Thanks.
I don't know about druids specifically. Worminghall does have pointers at ancient Celtic traditions that are surviving in Britain, particularly in Wales, but local faerie legends descend partly from them. In Christian terms, of course, anything from ancient Celtic paganism to leaving out milk for the brownies is spirit magic and punishable as idolatry; most priests would be inclined to avoid noticing trivial bits of paganism unless they were forced to, but out and out worship of pagan gods would be viewed poorly.

If I were going to go for druidism in a big way I would probably look at the tree magic rules from Thaumatology.

Bill Stoddard
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