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Default Re: Cleaning DLP Mini prints

Originally Posted by MIB.6361 View Post
Your image is visible.
Awesome, thank you. Try these.

Old and New
The print on the left is from my old, FDM printer, the one on the right is from the DLP. I couldn't get the one on the right to stand.

Big Paladin 1 and 2
I tried to focus more on the shield, to show the wave pattern in picture.

Ink 1 and 2
Tried different lighting, but can't really see a difference. My sister's Tiefling for our D&D game.

Todd Diallo 1 and 2
First one was the first pic I tried and saw he was out of position. The Gunslinger from my IW game.

Urunar 1 and 2
Like Ink, I tried different lighting. An orc my sister really liked and wanted a print of.
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