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Default Re: Elf Using Take Me! Take Me!

Originally Posted by AlwaysAFK View Post
The situation is 2 players are both level 9, and one of the players is an elf. The non-elf player is in combat with a monster, and is winning. The elf then plays the card Take Me! Take Me! (from Munchkin 3, Clerical Errors), even though the other player doesn't need any help.
This is not legal. TMTM is only playable when someone needs help to win the combat.

Originally Posted by AlwaysAFK View Post
So my first question: Are elves allowed to win in this way?
Yes, Elves can play TMTM and use it to try to win the game. But everyone else (including the main player) is allowed to play cards to try to and force the players to Run Away instead.
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